Customizable Womens and Mens Lion Signet Gold Ring

$94.00 USD

A symbolic and elegant custom engraved ring . A unisex jewelry piece that can be worn as a pinky ring for men or a statement ring for women. Lion symbolizes strength, courage and resilience, making this piece a remarkable styling or gifting piece.

    Why buy this signet ring?
  • Fascinating and stylish jewelry piece ✅
  • Premium quality materials ✅
  • The material is customizable ✅
  • Your choice of letter/engraving ✅
  • Thoughtfully packaged in an elegant gift box✅

Anemone is dedicated to creating and curating jewelry collections that exude elegance and unique styles for our customers to love and to enjoy wearing. We ensure that our materials are ethically gathered and we guarantee top quality artisanry for our pieces.

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Product specifications

Jewelry Information
Metal Gold Filled
Width 16 millimeters
Ring size Custom Sizes
Resizable Yes